Leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ

"And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers." (Matthew 4:18)

The ordained officers of The Church of Jesus Christ include Apostles, Evangelists, Elders or Ministers, Teachers, Deacons and Deaconesses, none of whom are paid to administer the duties of their offices, following the words of Jesus, "freely ye have received, freely give." (Matthew, 10:8).

Since the leadership of ordained officers of The Church serve the needs of the Gospel by their own free will, they are made up of school teachers, engineers, accountants, with every day, family lives. Many are husbands and parents, and all are dedicated to the Gospel and the community.


The scriptures indicate that Jesus Christ the Savior chose twelve men in Palestine as witnesses of His life and resurrection, whom He called apostles. Also, when He established His Church on this land of America, He chose twelve as His witnesses, whom He called disciples. We believe it to be the will of God that twelve should be chosen in this last dispensation of time as living witnesses of His Church on the earth. They are to bear testimony throughout the world to the everlasting Gospel being restored and that The Church is adorned with the divine gifts and blessings of God. As spiritual leaders, they should travel throughout The Church endeavoring to encourage all to live righteously before God and man.

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The seventy evangelists are chosen to labor in the name of the Lord, especially to preach the Gospel in new fields. The responsibility of declaring the great message of the restoration to the world rests upon them, and they should strive to maintain and carry with them a spirit of revival throughout The Church. The seventy evangelists oversee the activities of its Missionary Operating Committees to ensure the fulfilling of Christ's commandment to take the Gospel to the entire world.


Elders devote their time to the growth and development of their branches and missions. They must strive to work in harmony with all other members of the ministry. The elders are the shepherds over their flocks and ensure the rules and regulations and faith of The Church are observed and upheld in their local congregations.


The duty of the teacher is to be in harmony with all aspects of The Church; to watch over and strengthen it and to be a peacemaker among the members. He is required to teach new members their duties and behavior as members of The Church, and visit the homes of the Saints to expound and exhort the Word of God to establish faith.


The deacon's duty is to look after the temporal and spiritual needs of The Church, especially to arrange for the comfort and relief of the poor and needy; to visit the sick, and to see that widows and orphans are cared for. He must assist the ministry of The Church and work within his branch or mission.


Deaconesses assist The Church by being willing to respond to the needs of others; visiting the sick and providing for their needs; lending a helping hand physically; and providing spiritual assistance and strength to sisters. She is required to encourage, comfort, support, be compassionate, offer guidance, and demonstrate the love of God in all situations.