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  • Restored in Truth. Guided by the Spirit.
  • Restored in Truth. Guided by the Spirit.

Your Spiritual Home for a Faith-Centered Life

The Church of Jesus Christ is rooted in the truth of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s vision for mankind as communicated through scripture. It represents the kingdom of Jesus Christ as He established it here on earth; restored in glory for mankind with the same gifts, ordinances, structure and faith. The Church serves humbly as a gateway through which God’s spirit can be shared with the world. It is a spiritual home for people across the globe and a conduit for God’s blessings and miracles.


  • God's Unopened Messages in My Inbox

    Written by Sister Erin Light on Wednesday, January 28, 2015. Posted in Devotional

    Distractions, the great divider of attention... the cause of driving accidents, burned lasagna in the oven (the horror), and thousands of lost hours playing Candy Crush or updating Pinterest.

    I am distracted more often than not. And the concept of multi-tasking is a myth. Research confirms that the brain can only concentrate on one task at a time, but our minds are somewhat effective at switching tasks rapidly to give us a feeling that we are efficiently handling multiple things at once.

  • A New Way of Journaling

    Written by Sister Natalie Shawver on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Posted in Scripture Study

    I have a slight addiction to notebooks and journals. And by slight, I mean a big addiction.

    I love opening a new journal, cracking the spine, sitting to write or jot a few notes down. Here's a snapshot of my collection:

    I have a notebook just for my to-do lists.
    I have a notebook just for taking notes on Sunday's sermons.
    I have a notebook just for writing my favorite quotes from books I've read.
    I have a notebook just for taking notes on my scripture studies.
    I have notebooks just to sit on my desk and look pretty.

    Told you I had an addiction.