Student Support Program (SSP)

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As a young person, it can be difficult to stay tuned-in to God and connected to church friends and family year round. Especially if you find yourself attending a remote branch of The Church or living away at college. There's a tendency to drift out of the habits of scripture study, prayer, and maintaining a spiritual outlook on life.

The Student Support Program (SSP) is a network of high school and college-age youth from The Church of Jesus Christ established to conquer this negative trend and grow stronger together in Christ.

Come join the SSP and receive monthly newsletters tackling relevant topics from dating, to giving your testimony, to self-image, to science vs. religion, all from a Godly, scripture-based perspective.  Also, sign up for our regular scripture study sessions where we tackle the word of God together in a fun, peer-to-peer environment via video web conferencing.  And we're always looking for new and better ways to serve the youth of The Church.  So click the link to register and become a member now!

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