What God Does With a Little Desire

Written by Sister Laurie Whitton on Monday, August 24, 2015. Posted in Testimonies

What God Does With a Little Desire

Today, we're sharing an experience that Sister Laurie Whitton sent us for the Miracle Monday music theme way back in April 2013. If you've got a talent that you want God to magnify or a desire that you hope He'll bless, then we pray this testimony inspires you.

When I was in high school, I played clarinet in the band. After graduating, there were no opportunities for me to play, so there my clarinet sat for 30 years.

About five years ago, I was encouraged to start playing again. At first, I said, "No, it's impossible after all these years. I do not remember how to play." The instrument had sat so long it probably wouldn't function.

After much thought and prayer, I decided to find the clarinet buried in my closet and take it to the music store to see if it was worth fixing. Much to my amazement, I was told it was in great condition. It just needed a good tune up.

After several days of walking past it in my room, I felt a heavy prompting to open the case, put it together, and play something. The first song I played was one of The Songs of Zion. With the first note, everything came back to me as if I had never stopped playing. My intonation needed some work, but in a short time, that improved.

I was so excited that I could not wait to start playing in church. The first week I tried, it sounded awful. I quickly discovered that the clarinet is in a different key than the piano and organ. I have to say that, at this point, I was intimidated. I was not sure what this meant for me.

I did not have the faith or confidence that I could do this, but I went to the music store and someone there told me what needed to be done to make it work. I wrote out each key signature showing clarinet versus piano and what I needed to do. This was the beginning of being able to transpose music as I play.

After playing in church for a while, I have learned some musicians like to change the key of a song, and some like to change keys during the song. I wanted to be able to do this as well.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to take lessons to improve my playing and understanding of music. The Lord has allowed me to understand music theory in order to transpose the songs as I play, as well as change the key of the song and change keys in mid-song. My instructor calls it changing keys on the fly and says I have been her most challenging student.

I do not say this to boast but to show what the Lord can do with a little desire. He has taken me further than I ever imagined — from barely remembering how to play to understanding advanced techniques. I would not be able to do this without His direction.

Most importantly, He has allowed me to share my testimony and hymns with my instructor. It has been a wonderful and powerful experience for both of us. God is good all the time!

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  • Anonymous


    24 August 2015 at 19:10 |
    I do not believe I have ever heard Laurie Whitton play the clarinet, but I sure would like to!! May God continue to bless your abilities!! :)


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