Watching Out for Me

Written by Sister Angeline Young on Monday, April 08, 2019. Posted in Miracles

Watching Out for Me

Today's Miracle Monday is a miraculous incident submitted by Sister Angeline Young.

One morning while driving home from a long midnight shift, I was approaching a stoplight and became concerned and distracted by a group of kids riding their bikes in a dangerous area onto an expressway.

I was distraught by the idea of their safety being compromised by cycling in an area that was prohibited to anything but motor vehicles. I stopped paying attention to the road, and when I looked back at the wheel, the light in front of me had turned red, and I was seconds away from a fast-paced collision.

In that moment, I yelled out, "God help me," and He swiftly placed my car into the next lane and stopped my vehicle safely without me having moved the wheel or touched the brake.

I thank God that He loved me enough to bring me out of harm's way. I feel He knew my heart and my sincere concern for my fellow man at that time and rewarded me for my unselfish concern for these children.

I did not get to backtrack and was shook up by this miracle, so I do not know what happened to the cyclers, but somehow I am certain that the Lord looked after their wellbeing as he did mine.


What Is Your Most Recent Testimony?

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  • Lori Flowers

    Lori Flowers

    10 April 2019 at 10:48 |
    Wow! Praise God, such an awesome experience! Our heavenly Father truly loves us and looks out for us!! Thank you for brightening our day, Angie! X0


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