Twistin' the Night Away

Written by Sister Cindy Henderson on Monday, December 31, 2018. Posted in Miracles

Twistin' the Night Away

Happy New Year's Eve! Today's Miracle Monday is a testimony of divine protection, submitted by Sister Cindy Henderson. We pray that wherever tonight takes you — church? yay! — you'll be safe and with those you love.

Last summer, I was driving with my grandchildren from Canada to Michigan for our Wednesday night MBA service. While driving on the expressway, I noticed a strange-looking sky with a very dark cloud shelf in front of us. It had been a hot, humid day, but no storms had been forecasted.

I exited the highway to make my way towards the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and was encompassed by heavy rains. After going through customs, I asked my grandchildren to be very quiet because the storm had intensified, and I needed to fully concentrate on the road and storm conditions. Driving rain made the long trip more difficult. I couldn't see much beyond and around our vehicle, but I knew we couldn't stop anywhere, so I prayed and continued ahead.

When we arrived at Church, my husband called from work to say two tornadoes had touched down in Windsor, and he was checking that we had arrived safely. I thanked our grandchildren for being so quiet for an extended time during the drive, and Addy (8 years old) shared, "When I'm scared, Gramma, I pray."

When I drove home that night, the highway I'd taken in Windsor reminded me of a war zone. Everything was strangely quiet. There was no power or street lighting, and the air smelled of an electrical smokiness. Twisted sheets of metal and building material were mostly pushed to the edge of the road or wrapped around guard rails and piled into ditches along the highway. It was the eeriest sound and site I've ever experienced.

The next day, I learned that these tornados had touched down a few times along this highway in the very spot we had been driving only a few minutes before. The storm had ripped walls and roofs off homes and factories and deposited the debris along the highway. This scene will always be a reminder of how our Mighty God shielded us from great danger.

Do You Have a 'Close Call' to Share?

Sometimes God allows us to brush close to danger — perhaps to show us that He's sparing us from it. Do you have a story of how God protected you in the nick of time? Click here to share it with us for a future Miracle Monday.

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