Thrilling Third Nephi Quiz

Written by Sister Karen Watford on Thursday, March 26, 2015. Posted in Trivia/Games

Thrilling Third Nephi Quiz

Our scripture trivia has taken you on a trip through Genesis and Exodus, and now it's time to hop the pond and quiz you on your Book of Mormon knowledge. Sister Karen Watford put together today's test, and all of the answers are hiding in 3 Nephi.

How many can you answer correctly off the top of your head? How many can your Sunday school or MBA class answer together? How many did you have to look up? Are there any that still elude you?

Send us your best shot, and we'll publish the correct answers next Friday!

1. Mormon was a pure descendant of whom?

2. Why was the seed of Joseph separated from those of the House of Israel in Jerusalem and were not known by them?

3. Who had the greatest faith: Jews or Seed of Joseph?

4. Six of Jesus' disciples in this land had names that are like those in the Bible. What are their names?

5. What were the names of the other six of Jesus' disciples?

6. After Jesus' ascension to heaven He visited His "other sheep." Who were they?

7. When Christ was crucified, the land here in the Americas suffered much destruction. Did the northward land or the southward land suffer the most destruction?

8. Which Gentiles shall be numbered with the House of Israel when Israel returns to God?

9. List the types of great and terrible natural destructions that happened upon the Americas during the three days after Christ's crucifixion?

10. Which two Biblical prophets did Jesus quote and cause the Seed of Joseph to write and study?

BONUS: What are the names of the Three Nephites who were not to taste of death?

Send in your responses, and we'll publish the answers one week from tomorrow. Have fun!

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