The Way Takes Courage

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The Way Takes Courage

Who is featured in today's Camper Spotlight? Who gave their personal take on the camp theme? Will I see anyone I know in the photos?

Click here to satisfy your curiosity about GMBA Camp by reading the latest newsletter, Words for the Way. This is the same newsletter (with minor modifications) that the campers receive onsite each day.

Our Gospel Blog camp correspondent, Sister Linda Scolaro is bringing you the question of the day. She reports that the adult seminars have centered on themes in, believe it or not, the "Wizard of Oz."

  • Day 1: If I only had a brain.
  • Day 2: If I only had a heart.
  • Day 3: If I only had courage.
  • Day 4: There’s no place like home.

Sister Linda's question for day three touches on courage. She asked the children, "Tell me about a time when you did something that required courage."

Here's what they said…

Andrew Tenorio, Edison, NJ (Age 10) – I was nervous about doing an oral presentation at school, but I prayed first, and God gave me courage.

Naomi Jordan, Tse Bonito, NM (12) – When I was very little (age 9), I was a lead singer for a concert for parents. I had to be very courageous.

Trinity Rosa, Albuquerque, NM (12) – I sang a solo for a band, and I needed courage.

Analyn Champine, Detroit Branch 2, MI (6.5) – I was in my bed, and it was dark. I thought there were monsters. I prayed.

Gabby Faist, Bronx, NY (5) – I was afraid to go down a big slide. Then, I just went down it, and I had courage.

Bianca Staley, Detroit Branch 2, MI (8) – I’m kind of nervous to perform in front of 400 people at campout on Thursday night. I will believe in myself!

Calvin Gibson, Detroit Branch 1, MI (11) I had to have courage when I was testing for my first belt for Tae Kwon Do. My partner was badly hurt, and I was praying because I didn’t want to die.

Tristan Eutsey, Forest Hills, FL (12) I had courage when I went down a steep hill with a lawn mower where there was a road at the end of the hill.

Aaron Scolaro, Detroit Branch 1, MI (11) – I broke my arm and I did that while climbing on a recycling bin. I had to have courage while they worked on my arm.

Benjamin Bicelis, Herndon, VA (9) – Last year, I was on the bleachers and I tried to get a Frisbee. I fell off, and it felt like something was moving me. I had to have courage.

Micah Bicelis, Herndon, VA (9) – We were playing soccer, and one of my friends kicked the ball in a huge tree. I climbed the tree, and I shook the branch. I had courage that I wouldn’t fall.

Angelika Katsaras, Hollywood FL (10) – I was trying to help a friend get something off a boulder. I had to climb and jump off it. I had to have courage.

Josiah Bicelis, Herndon, VA (12) – We were at campout. I was on the stage, and everyone was testifying. I had courage while giving a testimony for the first time.

Enjoy these photos of our young participants!

GMBA Collage 4

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