The Tale of the Errant Earring

Written by Sister Alicia Draskovich on Monday, April 17, 2017. Posted in Miracles

The Tale of the Errant Earring

Today's lost-and-found Miracle Monday is a real gem submitted by Sister Alicia Draskovich.

I was taking off my diamond stud earrings one evening in my bedroom next to my jewelry box. I lost my grip on one, and it fell to the floor. I immediately got down and began hunting for it. Since I have fairly thick, shaggy carpet it was not an easy task. I scoured the entire area, got down on my hands and knees, and ran my fingers through the carpet, hoping it would pop up. I could not find it anywhere.

I was upset because the earrings had been a precious gift from my husband. When Brother Jim got home, I had him looking around for it, and he, too, was unable to locate the earring. I prayed and prayed and still … nothing.

For two days I looked around every chance I had. I even looked in places I knew it couldn’t be. I went to MBA on Wednesday evening and pleaded with the brothers and sisters who I spoke with to pray that my earring would turn up. I remember saying another quick prayer about it and then headed home.

I wasn’t thinking about it when I went toward my bathroom and turned on the light. Before I could even take a step into the bathroom I looked down and sitting exactly in the middle of the bathroom floor was my earring!

My family and I had walked into and out of that bathroom numerous times for days, and it would have easily been found had it been sitting right there the whole time. I believe only God could have answered my simple and sincere request and given me back my earring.

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  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    17 April 2017 at 19:29 |
    Sis. Alicia, that recently happened to me as well. My co-workers and I walked across a busy street to go to the supermarket for lunch. Shortly after I entered the store, I noticed that one of my earrings was gone. I went back to the entrance and it was not there. I continued to shop figuring I would look on our walk back to work. I told my co-workers and we all looked on our way back to work. None of us could find it. I retraced my steps all day and even went to my car but still could not find it. A co-worker suggested we go back to the store and ask at their lost and found. I finally agreed but said that usually when I lose something it is gone. I did add that I had prayed before for a lost earring and God came through before. Not really wanting to pray thinking it such an incidental item, I still did it anyway. As we walked back to the store, I continued to look and sure enough, there it was in the middle of the sidewalk. I shared with my co-worker that I did pray and God answered even though it was such a small thing. My other co-workers were amazed each saying that they looked and did not see it. God is so good. :)


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