The First Sabbath Quiz

Written by Sister Karen Watford on Thursday, May 07, 2015. Posted in Trivia/Games

The First Sabbath Quiz

Today's brainteaser comes from Exodus 16 when the Israelites observed the "first Sabbath" in the wilderness. Take this quiz and see what you remember from this timeless tale. All of the answers are in chapter 16, so happy hunting!

Send us your responses, and we'll publish the answers next Friday!

1. Where is the word "Sabbath" recorded for the first time in the Bible?

2. About two and a half months after the Israelites left Egypt, God gave them food. What did God give them to eat for breakfast and for supper?

3. What did the breakfast food look like and taste like?

4. The Israelites were told to gather only the amount that they could eat. If they obeyed, they:
a. Went hungry
b. Were satisfied
c. Gathered more if they needed it

5. What happened to the breakfast food not gathered?

6. If extra breakfast food was collected and saved for tomorrow — (what if the food didn't appear tomorrow?!) — what happened?

7. How did God instruct the Israelites to commemorate this Sabbath in relation to the food He provided?

8. How many of the Israelites proved to be disobedient to God's commandment regarding the gathering of the food?
a. All
b. Most
c. Some
d. None

9. How long did Israel eat the food provided by God?

10. What did God command Moses to have Aaron do regarding the breakfast food and why?

BONUS QUESTION: What color was the receptacle from the answer to No. 10, and where was the specific physical place the filled receptacle was to be put?

Photo credit: "Gathering of Manna" by Nicolas Poussin, c.1637

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