The 2 A.M. Healing

Written by Sister Cummins on Monday, November 04, 2019. Posted in Miracles

The 2 A.M. Healing

Today's Miracle Monday is a healing from way back in 1880. This is the story of Sister Cummins, who lived near Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, as retold in the September 1951 issue of The Gospel News.

My son took sick with what the Dr. called Black Diphtheria. One night he got so bad, I had to prop him up in a rocking chair so he could breathe. I ran and called my husband and said go quick for Bro. Myers. Jimmie is choking to death.

This was two o'clock in the morning. He started for Bro. Myers who lived eight miles from Mt. Pleasant up in the mountains; and on his way he met Bro. Myers and Bro. Brown. Brother Myers had to pass Bro. Brown's home. He stopped and awoke him and said: Come on, we are wanted at the Cummins home.

Then they met Wm. my husband. They came and anointed my son. He was healed instantly. He looked up at me and said: Mother I felt the swelling go out at the ends of my toes.

Many other healings were performed in this [the Hawkeye] Branch, and in my home. I thank God for the Gospel and everything the Lord has done for me, and may we all live the life of Christ.

Have You Seen Many Healings?

If your answer is yes, like Sister Cummins, then we'd love to hear about what God has done. Click here to send your story for sharing on a future Miracle Monday.

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