Thanksgiving Miracle

Written by Sister Kathie Perkins on Monday, December 02, 2013. Posted in Miracles

Thanksgiving Miracle

We hope that you and yours shared a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. For today's Miracle Monday, we had to share this wonderful testimony sent to us by Sister Kathie Perkins. We hope it's a blessing to you.

While preparing our Thanksgiving meal last week, I took the turkey breast that I had pre-cooked out of the fridge to slice and warm it. I put the blades into the electric knife that I have owned for years and started to cut the turkey, but the blade did not penetrate the meat as it usually does. Without thinking, I pressed down on the blade with my left hand to help push the blades into the turkey and then drew back quickly, realizing that was a foolish thing to do.

The blade felt smooth to my touch, so I was very startled when I took a closer look and realized that I had put the blades in upside down and pushed down on the vibrating, sharp blades with the fingers of my left hand.

I immediately exclaimed, "Thank You, Lord, for not letting me cut off my fingers!" and continued with a thankful heart to prepare the rest of the meal. With the blades properly inserted, the knife cut through the turkey breast with ease.

After going to bed, I was pondering this event, knowing that there was no way those blades could have felt smooth to my touch. I continued to question myself, wondering if I had really experienced such a miraculous thing.

After I fell asleep, I had a very short dream. I found myself walking through a doorway, and someone was right on my heels, just a step behind me. I assumed it was my husband, Larry, and turned to say something to him. I found myself looking into the face of my father, who passed away 12 years ago. He seemed to be about 30 years old, with black hair, and he just smiled at me. In my dream, I knew that he was no longer living, and I asked him if he wanted to tell me something. He just kept smiling at me, and then he faded away.

I continued through the doorway and then saw my husband and went over to tell him what had I had seen. As I was talking to him, I heard myself say, in a very excited voice, "I know what he wanted to say. He was letting me know that he follows me around just a step behind me, keeping me from harm!" Then I awoke.

Several years ago, the Lord gave me a song in which some of the words are: "Tell them what He's done for you," and that prompted me to share this. I am so thankful that I did not hurt myself, possibly causing an injury that would hinder my daily activities, such as playing the piano and sewing. All the glory belongs to Him. He is truly the same God yesterday, today, and forever.

Share Your Miracle

If you have a testimony of praise to share, please do not hesitate. It's not about bragging. It's about praising God for what He's done in our lives. We were hoping for Christmas-related miracles for December, but your testimony doesn't have to be related to the holidays. We always want to hear about what God has done. Email us with your submission.

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