Thanks, Thanks Again

Written by Catherine Poma on Monday, November 25, 2019. Posted in Holidays

Thanks, Thanks Again

Today, in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, we are publishing this poem, written by Catherine Poma, that appeared in the November 1955 issue of The Gospel News. We hope it inspires you to gratitude!

For the clasp of a hand
In a weary land,
When you're sure nobody cares;
For the pat on the back
When the skies are black,
And the pain's too great to bear;

For the friendships based
On a love as chaste
As the love of God to men;
For all these things
My glad heart sings,
"Thanks, thanks again!"

For the sun so warm
That dispels the storm,
When it seemed 'twould shine no more;
For the promise sweet
Of a glad retreat
That awaits on yonder shore;

Yet, for all this love,
O God above,
None can compare with when
I shall meet that Friend
At the journey's end;
So, thanks, thanks again!

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