Strong Foundation

Written by Sister Christina Miller on Tuesday, December 03, 2013. Posted in Devotional

Strong Foundation

This past summer my husband and I decided to get our front porch rebuilt. Considering that our porch at the time was not very inviting, falling apart and very small, we figured it was time.

We hired our fellow brothers from the branch to come over and do the job. You can imagine the excitement when it was finally done. What a huge difference it made to the appearance of our house! Just standing on it, we felt secure. We knew it wouldn't fall apart. The wood was strong and the foundation was sturdy — unlike before. Once the job was complete, I couldn't wait to really make it my own by adding some front porch furniture.

For 10 years, we had a white wicker set that we kept on the covered deck behind our house, out of the rain and snow. It was old but in good condition, so I decided to finally show it off on our new front porch. It looked so perfect and welcoming. I loved it and felt so relaxed sitting on it at night.

Eventually, temperatures dropped, and rain and snow came. Months went by, and the paint started peeling. From a distance, it still looked nice with the cushions and throw pillows. But it just could not withstand the elements. Finally, we couldn't even sit on it. It became fragile, and the wicker started splitting, and paint peels littered over our nice new porch.

I hated to part with it, but it became really ugly and useless. It no longer served its purpose. I thought, "At least we still have our nice new porch and the strong foundation it has to offer."

It made me think about how strong my foundation is on a spiritual level.

What purposes do I serve? Is my demeanor inviting to others? Do I make people comfortable and welcome? Has my walk with the Lord been a close one, or have the elements of this world taken me away or worn me down bit by bit? Am I white as snow, or am I a peeling eyesore on a nicely built porch?

These are questions I should answer for myself, but maybe they can apply to us all. We all need protection and strength for the struggles we face, but sometimes we have to withstand the rain and snow. If we have a strong foundation, we will always have that hope for something better and the faith to build on.

Unlike my furniture, I have a choice. I can ask God for help and retain my purpose and righteousness, or I can draw away from God and start cracking and peeling.

I might not have anything on my porch to sit on at the moment, but my foundation is strong and not shaken. So I'll stand there on my porch and rest assured because I have the Lord!

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