Spread the Good Word: Psalm 19:7-9

Written by GospelBlog on Friday, April 15, 2016. Posted in The Good Word, Special Series

Spread the Good Word: Psalm 19:7-9

So, after one week, do you agree with us that memory is muscle? 

Are you trying to memorize Psalm 19:7-14 with us? If so, leave a comment below to show that you're in.

Today, we're including a free printable of the scripture graphics from this week. Print it out on cardstock or another type of heavy-weight paper, and the images should be about the size of a business card. Cut them out, and use them as flash cards to aid your memorization. Or stick them in your wallet or purse, and thumb through them in your downtime. Another idea: stick them in spots you look often (your keyboard, bathroom mirror, dashboard, fridge, etc.)

We hope you're enjoying these articles and that you're benefiting from the effort of placing God's word in your heart.

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