Spread the Good Word: Matthew 11:30

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Spread the Good Word: Matthew 11:30

Today's Good Word starts a brand-new theme, which we've named "Simplify." This isn't about simplifying your possessions (decluttering) or your schedule (saying no more). Instead, it's about simplifying your mindset — how you think.

Do you ever feel like life is more complicated than it's supposed to be? There are so many conflicting views, opinions, and data points floating around in our minds, and it's all very noisy and chaotic. Sometimes just the act of thinking alone in a quiet room can feel weighty and leave you heavy.

Today's verse tells us that the load of discipleship is light. Or, it should be.

Following Christ (being a disciple) does come with inner responsibility and accountability (like keeping a repentant heart, purifying our thoughts, and prioritizing forgiveness). But following Christ also frees us from many of the awful things that enter our lives that have nothing to do with God's yoke (summed up in one word: sin).

So, why do we choose to burden our minds with sinful things that have nothing to do with God's yoke? Why do we let that angry thought fester and wound our spirit? Why do we open the door to distractions that fill our minds with meaningless chatter? Why do we give that temptation room to grow larger than life in our mind's eye?

When we keep things simple, and our minds are focused more selectively on the things of the Lord, we may find that it's easier to make right decisions, come to good conclusions, and shut out the evil of the world. The brain becomes less noisy, and as a result, we can hear God's voice more clearly.

There's no denying that it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world out there, but that madness doesn't have to permeate our mindset.

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