Spread the Good Word: Job 9:10

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Spread the Good Word: Job 9:10

Today, we bring you another Good Word on the theme of "Wonder," (as in "awe-inspiring" and "astonishing.")

Have you ever seen a magician perform what looks like an impossible trick? If you discover how the magician accomplished the illusion, then your sense of wonder diminishes, doesn't it?

Many older children experience a similar disappointment around this time of year when they learn that there's more myth than truth surrounding a certain bearded fellow and his flying reindeer.

Job 9:10 tells us that this letdown never happens with God. We can't fully appreciate or understand the things God does. They are "past finding out." No matter how hard we try, there are some things we'll never comprehend. (God's works aren't a magician's illusion.)

In addition, we can also never fully grasp the sheer quantity of His wondrous acts. They are "without number." If we only knew what He was up to behind the scenes, our astonishment would grow rather than diminish.

The things of this world will let us down. Santa confesses himself a myth. Big promises don't pan out. The freshness of something new eventually turns stale. Stats and facts are replaced with new ones. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

When we yearn for something more, something beyond, something that retains that wondrous quality we crave, that's our signal to look heavenward and sigh in awe, knowing we are incapable of penetrating the quality and scope of God's mighty works.

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