So Unworthy, So Blessed

Written by Sister Karen Watford on Saturday, April 04, 2015. Posted in Holidays

So Unworthy, So Blessed

Thirty-four years have passed since the signs of the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ: a new star in the sky and the day and the night passed as one with no darkness. The joy, the belief in Christ and repentance swept the land. Man, however, is quick to return to his sin.

The great and terrible day of the crucifixion of Christ has finally passed with only the more righteous having been spared. The tempests, quakings, whirlwinds, lightnings and thunderings, rocks being rent in twain, the mountains sinking and the valleys raising up brought fear even into the hearts of the righteous. Even they mourned, feared, and had regrets ... I know for I am one of them.

I knew this day would come, but not all of my loved ones, friends, and neighbors believed this would happen and lived each day as if there were thousands more to come. Thousands have died and disappeared from the face of the earth. I fear for them and mourn them. "What more could have I done to draw them closer to God, to convince and prepare them of this great and terrible day that was coming? Forgive me for my failings and downsittings! So many lost! My Lord, what more can I have done?"

When the great and terrible tempests and quakings ceased, we realized that we had been spared through God Almighty's mercies upon us. We began to praise His Name with every part of our being. "Thank You, Lord, for Your many tender mercies! Thank You, Lord, for Your Son who died that we might live! How, Lord, may I repay You for Your exceeding love towards me and others? Please tell me and show me what I can do for You. I am nothing and unworthy but, Lord, I love Thee with all my being and desire to do something for You."

Then the Son descended through the heaven to us shining brighter than the sun. Oh, such glory to behold! More than these mortal eyes can behold! The love! The compassion! The wisdom and knowledge! He taught us of exceeding love, mercy and compassion! He taught us the holy way of life.

Before He left us to visit His other sheep, He asked the twelve of us what the desires of our hearts were so that He may grant them. Three of us had the same desire — like that of His beloved John in Jerusalem — which He granted us: "Oh, Lord, please help me to better my life! Help me to minister to others more greatly and bring all to know Thee, love Thee, and serve Thee for all of time!"

With exceeding love and compassion, He granted our wish. He took us up into heaven, showed and taught us many things of which we cannot speak ... some of which we just don't know how to express in words, and some we were forbidden to tell. He transfigured and sanctified our bodies so that we would not taste of death. Satan holds no power or temptations over us; the powers of earth have no hold on us; we suffer no pain or sorrow except for the sins of the world. How unworthy we are and yet how blessed we are!

By the way, He forbade the names of we three Nephites to be written. His ways are perfect, and He has His reasons. He tries our faith and blesses us exceedingly when we give our all!

God bless you. I pray for the day when He will allow you to see me.

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  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    04 April 2015 at 10:13 |
    Oh wow!! One of the three Nephites!! Very interesting! Sis. Karen, you did a wonderful job! I believe many of us wonder if we have done enough, said enough to enlighten people we come into contact with as to what our Lord about. God bless you much.


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