Righteous Anger

Written by An Original Atlantic Coast Member on Tuesday, December 05, 2017. Posted in Devotional

Righteous Anger

Today's article is Part 3 in a series about meekness written by an Original Atlantic Coast Member.

Being vengeful is really the negative part of having anger. We're all human and therefore subject to human emotions. So, in certain circumstances, it's natural to feel anger. In many cases, it ends up being "righteous anger," typically in a situation where someone or something is doing harm to others. Therefore, having some anger over these unjust things is not a sin. Even Christ Himself got angry at the unholy money changers in the Holy Temple.

When people get angry and do not show it, however, this can prove to be even more detrimental. They may put on a superficial act of being happy and then go behind the person's back and do a vengeful act against them to retaliate without their knowledge. This is where not being led by the Holy Spirit can lead someone to do acts that are inappropriate.

Sometimes, a person who gets someone angry may not have even done it on purpose. They may be unaware that they upset anyone and may not be deserving of any negative retaliation in return. If the person who is angered allows the Holy Spirit to guide them, then they will be led to go to the person who made them angry and discuss the situation fully and openly. This is the wisest course of action because everything can then be brought out into the open and a peaceful conclusion can then be reached.

Doing vengeful actions behind someone's back only leads to more confusion, negativity, and problems. It will never lead to a healing of the initial relationship back to its original status. This is why it's important to always let the Holy Spirit guide and direct us in every area of life.

Not having vengeance and trying to limit our anger to "righteous anger" strengthens our meekness. We look forward to a time when all will be at peace with each other in the Peaceful Reign.

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