Recovered Records

Written by Sister Cindy Henderson on Monday, April 10, 2017. Posted in Miracles

Recovered Records

Today's lost-and-found Miracle Monday comes from Sister Cindy Henderson. She shares what happened when her Book of Mormon went missing.

Over the years, when I've misplaced or lost various items, I’ve learned to stop what I’m doing and kneel and ask God to direct my mind to walk to the area where the item was set down. He has helped me quickly find keys, important papers, and other things that were not in their usual place.

I'm in the habit of leaving my scriptures in a book bag when I’m done reading. Recently, I placed my Book of Mormon on the end table in our family room. I decided to pick it up when a visitor came to buy some of my school resources. My fear was that this book would accidentally get packed up with the boxes of books she was purchasing. (I’d had several books on display in my family room for her to browse at her leisure, so anything non-school related got moved to another room.)

Later, when I went to study, I was disappointed that I could only find my Bible in my book bag. Each day I prayed to find my Book of Mormon and did lots of spring cleaning to try and uncover my book. At about the same time, another book about missionaries had gone missing, so I figured that when one of them turned up, I'd likely find the other.

Closets, cupboards, car trunks, and storage areas were searched over several days. I have a newer, leather bound Book of Mormon, but there’s nothing like the first one you were given when you started coming to church, the one that's all marked up so you can more easily find favorite passages.

One day after driving home, I reached down on the passenger side of the car to find a novel which had slipped between the seat and door. I was excited because now I could share this book with a brother whom I had been talking to about it. But, I was also disappointed because my Book of Mormon was still lost.

I asked my children to search at church, thinking that I might've left it upstairs after our recent Area Ladies Uplift Circle spiritual meeting. After almost two weeks passed, I was growing a bit discouraged that my scriptures hadn’t shown up. I felt there was no other place to check in my home or cars. At the same time, I knew that my desire was a good one and that God had been so faithful in the past when I needed to find something, so I felt my scriptures might be at church after all or safe somewhere else.

After 10 days of a nasty flu bug, I was thrilled to be going back to church and hoped to discover my Book of Mormon there. As soon as I got in the doors for our Ladies Uplift Circle soup night, I placed my food down and went straight to the area where I teach my Sunday School class. There on the top of a stack of Bibles and Book of Mormons for my class was my own Book of Mormon.

I can’t describe the depth of joy I felt knowing I had my book again. As I clutched my Book of Mormon to my chest, I related to a nearby sister how wonderful it was to have found my lost records. Even as I share this experience, I am deeply grateful that not only did I reunite with my Book of Mormon, but that God gave me the chance to know the truth in these records, and He has given me the opportunity to help others learn of His glorious words in The Book of Mormon.

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