Psalm 19 Wrap-up and Top 10 Takeaways from April Conference

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Psalm 19 Wrap-up and Top 10 Takeaways from April Conference

Today concludes our mission to memorize Psalm 19:7-14. How did you do? Was it difficult? Easier than you expected? Post a comment telling us about your experience. 

We've also got another free printable page with this week's graphics. When printed, they should be roughly the size of a business card so that you can cut them out and keep them handy so you can keep up your memorization in the future. We really hope that memorizing scripture has brought you into closer contact with God's word! 


Top 10 Takeaways from April Conference 2016

  1. The Quorum of 70 Evangelists announced the pending ordination of a new Evangelist – Brother Dino DiMelis (ordination date to be announced).
  2. The ministry of The Church held a special fasting and prayer meeting on Friday morning, which also included some testimonies that the brothers shared with each other.
  3. The ministry of The Church observed the ordinance of feet washing during their Friday afternoon meeting. It was a rare opportunity for the brothers to wash feet with brothers from other parts of The Church.
  4. A presentation entitled “God has a Plan…and we are part of it” was given by the Quorum of 12 Apostles to the general membership.
  5. During the Quorum of 12 presentation, several visions were had, including one of Christ appearing in the aisle saying, “I am ready to bless you abundantly.”
  6. The General Ladies Uplift Circle gave a presentation to the Conference, which included photos of many of the 600+ members of the Ladies' Circle.
  7. The Operations Support Committee (OSC) shared their newest resource, a collection of PowerPoint templates that can be used to assemble presentations to be given at the Conference Center. Presentations that use the color schemes and font selections offered will be very attractive and readable.
  8. The GMBA held a Saturday evening meeting during which all in attendance were asked to write a brief testimony, beginning with the phrase, “Jesus is real to me because…” Several of these were shared during the meeting.
  9. The newest Apostles, Brother Frank Natoli and Brother Paul A. Palmieri, delivered inspiring sermons during the Sunday meeting.
  10. For the first time in many years, the Lord’s Supper was distributed to the congregation during the Sunday meeting at Conference.

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