Politics, Liberty, and Our Lord

Written by Brother Benjamin Hemmings on Thursday, November 10, 2016. Posted in Current Events

Politics, Liberty, and Our Lord

Politics can be a touchy subject. When I worked in Pittsburgh, I sometimes focused on public policy and had interactions with local politicians. At the mere mention of the name of a local policymaker, I could set loose on a rant about anything concerning his/her affiliation, political agenda, or even personal character. Looking back, it was slightly ridiculous.

Notice where we are at today — two days removed from a national election that has been building over the last 17 months. Over the course of this time, we have seen many social issues arise that have been at the forefront of speeches, debates, and other propaganda. Technology has enabled us to see these issues every moment of every day, even as they are occurring. It’s been an environment we have been submerged in for more than a year, and now we await the implementation of the result in January.

I hope that we find the opportunity to think back further than these past 17 months. Tomorrow, our nation recognizes a day in which we remember those who have served our country, whether in wartime or in a time of peace; their sacrifice of service means that we have the liberties that we enjoy today. These men and women are found in our families, group of friends, and even our brothers and sisters in Christ — and we thank them for their service.

As the Saints of God, we have the opportunity to look at this deeper. Around Veteran's Day, I am reminded of when Moroni raised the Title of Liberty (Alma 46:11-20). As he led his men to battle, “God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, and our wives, and our children” was what saw them through to the end. Moroni served the same God that we do today. He followed the same religion that we adhere to today. He was also able to partake in the same freedom and peace in Christ that we do today.

It is important to be knowledgeable about — and even active in — the issues that are currently at hand, although there may be differences in viewpoints. We have liberty thanks to those who served in our military, and, as the people of God, we should honor them by being well-informed citizens. But, I hope that my interest in these issues is woven in and influenced by the same title that Moroni raised. This dedication transcends any issue, affiliation, or even nation. It contributes to the kingdom, the rock cut out of the mountain without hands, established by Jesus Christ himself.

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Mosiah 26:39 - And they did admonish their brethren; and they were also admonished, every one by the word of God, according to his sins, or to the sins which he had committed, being commanded of God to pray without ceasing, and to give thanks in all things.

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