Not Your Typical Beach Read

Written by Brother Paul Pezzenti on Thursday, June 30, 2016. Posted in Testimonies

Not Your Typical Beach Read

Today, we're sharing another testimony of the restoration submitted by Brother Paul Pezzenti. This year, we're trying to get the word out regarding how God has called people to the restored gospel. If you have a testimony like this to share, click here to send it to us!

Early in my marriage and before I was baptized, Karen and I vacationed on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. One year, we rented a beach apartment expecting a wonderful week — except just as we arrived it appeared the wheels fell off.

Unfortunately, Karen got a terrible migraine headache and it began to rain. With the dark skies looming and Karen’s headache we were destined to remain in the apartment for our vacation. No walks on the beach, no bike riding, no exploring the island.

For some reason I did not know, I packed the Book of Mormon. I was not planning on reading it and didn’t know why I even brought it on vacation. Bored out of my wits and feeling bad about the turn of uncontrollable events, I began searching for something to do. I found myself with the Book of Mormon in my hands. My intention was to explore it, not read it through.

Thumbing through the pages for a random place to start, I settled on 3 Nephi and could not put the book down once I began to read. With each chapter, I was more and more intrigued. Over and over again I felt a calling to continue reading until finishing the book. It was then that I knew the Lord was working with me and I had to make a decision whom I would serve.

Thanks be to the Lord for calling us both to our baptisms on April 10, 1983.

P.S. The next day Karen’s headache subsided, the sun returned, and we had a fantastic time!


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