Not a Mark on Him

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Monday, September 09, 2019. Posted in Testimonies

Not a Mark on Him

Today's Miracle Monday is a testimony of God's protection on the littlest among us, submitted by Sister Michelle Watson.

One Friday morning, my 4-year-old son, Henry, was watching me drink a cup of coffee. We talked about how hot it was and that it could burn if you weren't careful. For some reason, I told Henry about how a cup of hot coffee spilled on his Uncle Ryan's head when he was a little boy. Ryan should've been badly burned, but God protected him, and he came away from the incident without a mark on him. (You can read that miracle story here.)

That same night, we went to the Friday night orientation meeting for the Southwest Area MBA Campout. After the meeting, I was walking out to our car in the dark — Arizona mountain nights are inky black — with Henry and his 2-year-old brother, Charlie. My husband was visiting the camp registration table in another building, so I had the two boys holding my hands as we crossed the parking lot.

As I was opening the car door, both boys were doing their version of "standing still," which involves considerable gyrating and wiggling, and did I mention it was really dark? Well, I accidentally hit Henry right in the face as I opened the car door! The edge of the car door — not the blunt side, the edge — cracked him right down the middle of his face, with his soft little mouth taking the brunt of the impact.

Of course, he cried and cried. They say a mother knows her child's cries. This was the "Ouch, it hurts really bad!" type of cry. His nose bled a little, but I was relieved to see that his lips looked OK.

They look OK right now, I thought to myself, but I bet he'll look bruised and puffy tomorrow. Henry inherited my fair complexion, which means that every bruise, scrape, and scab stands out.

The next morning, I braced myself for what I'd see, but I was surprised to see nothing remarkable. Nothing at all, in fact. No bruise. No cut. No swelling. No evidence that anything happened. Not a mark on him.

I don't think it was a coincidence that I told Henry about the coffee miracle on the same morning of the car-door accident. I think God wanted me to know for certain that He was taking care of my boy and giving Him (and me) a testimony.

Something Small to Share?

Today's testimony was a small thing that God did, but it's a building block of faith. Miracle Monday is all about sharing these building blocks, however small, and together, they form a fortress to ward off doubt. Do you have a building block to contribute? We'd love to hear about it and share it here on Miracle Monday!

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