Never to Be Apart

Written by Brother Larry Champine on Monday, August 10, 2015. Posted in Testimonies

Never to Be Apart

For the month of August, we're sharing Miracle Mondays that we received in the past but weren't able to publish. Today, we've got a testimony from Brother Larry Champine that he submitted for the October 2014 theme, which was "death."

The youngest of seven children, I was raised by loving parents in another faith. My father was one of the youngest of 14 children, and his father was one of 13 children. Needless to say, in my growing up years, I attended many, many family funerals. (I even grew to dread the smell of funeral flowers.)

Looking back, I recognize that although there was a devotion to our faith and we were reminded of God's promise of Heaven, it did not seem to bring much comfort. These occasions were always very sad.

When I met The Church of Jesus Christ at 17 years old, the Lord touched my heart. As a new convert to the Restored Gospel, I was "brim with joy" as I came to fully understand God's blessings, His love and forgiveness, and the plan of salvation. My life was changed completely.

Soon, I began to experience the passing of some of my dear brothers and sisters. My mind was enlightened to an understanding of the beauty that comes in the death of the saints who carry His Spirit and prove faithful. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints" says Psalm 116:15.

As I pondered this beauty, I realized the great contrast between my understanding of death during my youth compared to what I NOW knew and witnessed in the Gospel. The Lord impressed words and a melody upon my heart. I understood God's promise of comfort to those who embrace the Gospel and endure to the end. This promise can and will carry us through.

How blessed we are to walk in HOPE.


Words and music by Lawrence A. Champine*

Love locks us together, and prayer is the key
United together is what we must be
We all need each other to love and to care
God's blessings will follow and God's love we will share

If times are burdened and peace seems no more
Remember the promise that you're waiting for
Keep moving forward; continue to pray
And His hand will reach out, and with love lead the way

Never to be apart, no more
Jesus will meet us on Heaven's shore
We'll live in His kingdom and stay by His side
Forever with Jesus in the sweet by and by

We'll see all our loved ones, and those who have gone
All the ones who were taken, and those who pushed on
What a blessing to see them, and hold them again
Together with Jesus, forever we'll spend

Never to be apart, no more
Jesus will meet us on Heaven's shore
We'll live in His kingdom and stay by His side
Forever with Jesus in the sweet by and by

Forever with Jesus
Together with Jesus
Forever with Jesus in the sweet by and by.

*Copyright 1979 by the Champine Brothers

September Miracle Monday Theme

A couple of years ago, we asked ya'll for testimonies related to your career, job, and workplace. We got a great response! We're bringing that theme back, so if you didn't send us your testimony last time, please do so now. We'd love to hear what God has done for you.

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