Moses Mystery Quiz

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Thursday, February 26, 2015. Posted in Trivia/Games

Moses Mystery Quiz

You've probably heard the story of Moses in Egypt so many times you feel like you can recite it by heart. But there are some really interesting details that may have slipped through the cracks of your childhood Sunday school lessons. And the menagerie of movie adaptations, especially Ridley Scott's most recent entry, can really jumble things up and distort the facts recorded in the Bible.

How much do you remember about Moses, the bulrushes, the burning bush, Pharaoh, and the plagues? Take our fun little quiz and test your memory. We tried to make this challenging without making it impossible. Enjoy!

1. You probably remember that the children of Israel grew so numerous that Pharaoh first enslaved them and then ordered that every baby boy be thrown into the Nile. But that wasn't the first plot Pharaoh concocted to enforce population control. What did he try initially?

2. Moses came from which tribe of Israel?

3. It's true that Pharaoh's daughter adopted Moses, but who actually nursed him? Who coordinated this arrangement?

4. You likely remember that Moses killed an Egyptian man for beating a Hebrew slave, and then he ran away from Egypt. But he didn't flee immediately after the murder. What drove him away?

5. God sends Moses back to Egypt to free the people from bondage. When God tells Moses to go to the elders of Israel and explain his purpose, Moses is afraid that they won't believe him. What three signs does God give Moses to convince them?

6. When Moses and Aaron approached Pharaoh the first time, they didn't ask that Pharaoh free the Hebrew slaves permanently. They asked for permission to do what? Do you remember how Pharaoh responded to this first request?

7. How old was Moses when he approached Pharaoh?

8. When Moses performed the first few signs for Pharaoh, the Egyptian magicians and sorcerers reproduced them. What was the first sign that the magicians could not mimic?

9. There was one area in Egypt that was exempt from all the plagues. What was this land called and why didn't the plagues harm the people there?

10. Pharaoh proved fickle throughout the negotiations in Egypt. How many times did he say (or almost say) that he'd let the people go and then go back on his word?

Send us your answers, and then check back next Friday, a week from tomorrow, and we'll post the answers and the participants' names! It's fun to see who out there is doing this quiz alongside you.

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