Miracle From the L.A. Fires

Written by Sister Erin Light on Monday, November 19, 2018. Posted in Miracles

Miracle From the L.A. Fires

Today's Miracle Monday is told by Sister Erin Light. She's the director of a memory care facility in Southern California. The healthcare company has several locations, and one just happens to be where the wildfires are burning in Los Angeles. Here's her tale of God's protection.

The afternoon of Thursday, November 8, I got word that we needed to assist in an evacuation of our Calabasas community in north L.A. I was the only administrator who went to support the other community administrator in Calabasas, along with many drivers and buses to transport residents to other communities.

The fire was clearly visible over the hill, about 6 miles away from the community by the time I arrived at 10 p.m. (I took the above photo when I was there, so you can see the flames, too.)

We spent the rest of the early morning until 4 a.m. packing up medications, resident clothes, and other belongings, along with pets, for transport. We were pretty sure that, as the fire got closer, the community would not last. None of the fire was contained.

I said a quick prayer asking God to spare this community so our residents could return home after we evacuated them.

The following screen shot from ABC 7 Los Angeles shows how the fire progressed. The red area indicates active fire, and the rectangular building next to the freeway is the facility.

LA Fires 2

You can see the fires have completely surrounded the community, and it has been miraculously spared. The trees on our property at that community have burned to the ground. The building itself is still intact. The pool water is even still there despite the excessive heat, the trees in our parking lot survived, and none of the cars left there by caregivers during evacuation burned.

The firemen could not get to the community to save it before the flames jumped the 101 freeway and headed toward the Pacific. Even still, it was spared.

The fires continue to burn in this area, and the winds keep changing, but I know God will still keep this place safe with an eye of faith. How great is our God?

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Weather No Match for God

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