Mi Hombre, Mi Nombre

Written by Sister Mary Ann Heaps on Monday, November 13, 2017. Posted in Testimonies

Mi Hombre, Mi Nombre

Today, we're taking a break from Miracle Monday to bring you a testimony from Sister Mary Ann Heaps. Enjoy!

When I was living in Guatemala, I had a routine of stopping at the same bakery every day to purchase bread and juice. Every day, I would see a street man walking toward the bakery, and many times he would sit on the curb, never saying a word. He didn’t understand when you spoke to him but would just smile, not recognizing anybody. Not knowing anything about this poor, badly dressed man in rags and torn shoes, carrying a cloth bag, I referred to him as "mi hombre" (my man).

I felt sad for mi hombre as I watched him every day, not knowing where he stayed at night and if he had eaten any food, so I began a daily routine of preparing a lunch bag with a sandwich, juice, and cookies and giving it to mi hombre. At first, he just took it, looked at me, and began eating. I wanted him to know who I was, so when I handed him the bag of food, I pointed to myself and said, “Mi nombre es Marianna” (My name is Mary Ann). He would just smile, and I would say, "Marianna." And so, it was Marianna every day for months. From smiling he began to giggle loud, and I knew he was happy.

Wanting to know about mi hombre, I asked several people and found out that his name was Juan and that, when he was a young man, he'd witnessed his mom and dad brutally tortured and hung. He became very quiet after witnessing the death of his parents. He never left home for months, and when he did, he lived in the streets, couldn’t speak, and was mentally impaired.

I continued feeding Juan, sometimes with tears in my eyes, and I just wanted to hug him. So, I continued pointing at myself saying, "Marianna." One day, after pointing to myself and saying Marianna, he giggled and said, "Marianna!" Oh, what joy I felt in my spirit and heart! He knew me. Such a small thing, and yet I was blessed.

Is this the joy Jesus feels when we recognize Him and when we know what the name of Jesus means to us? Does He wait patiently until we know and feel His love in our heart?

I decided to return home to California and spend some time with my family, as I missed them terribly and had been away from them for many months. I didn’t want to leave Juan. Would he remember me after being away?

When I returned to Guatemala, I was anxious to see Juan again and also very nervous, as I didn’t know if he would remember me. As I approached the street, he saw me as I was walking toward him. He began to laugh and giggle, and my heart was filled with joy. I gave him the bag of food, and he said, “Marianna.” He hadn't forgotten!

We know that Jesus doesn’t forget us no matter how long we are away from Him. But do we forget Him at times, going on with our lives without acknowledging Him? Do we call upon His name when we are hungry to have His loving spirit return to our souls?

Helping Juan in Guatemala brought great joy to me. Jesus wants to help each of us — we just need to call upon His name.

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  • Leonel Lopes Alves

    Leonel Lopes Alves

    13 November 2017 at 07:45 |
    Beautiful story.


  • Brother Gary Thompson

    Brother Gary Thompson

    13 November 2017 at 09:17 |
    So Awesome. Just beautiful.


  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    23 November 2017 at 08:00 |
    Wow!! What a beautiful story!! Do you know what every happened to Juan? It just brings home how one life can affect another. Even as I write that I think of one life, Jesus', and how that affected mine. God bless you much!!


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