Meeting Angels Unaware

Written by Sister Deb Gonzalez on Monday, August 27, 2018. Posted in Miracles

Meeting Angels Unaware

Today's Miracle Monday comes from Sister Deb Gonzalez. Enjoy!

I recently read the Gospel Blog by Sister Marie McGuire about feeding a man who knocked at her back door. The result? She had entertained an angel unaware and that same day, her husband received a much-needed job to support their family.

As I read her blog, I quickly recalled my husband Marty’s own experience with entertaining an angel unaware. Still very young in our marriage and in our spiritual walk with God, this experience underscored for us the need to trust in the Lord to provide for us.

It was a hot summer day. Per our normal routine, I was finishing up at work while Marty was picking up our daughter from the nanny since he left work before me. His usual route took him over an extremely busy interstate that was notorious for traffic backing up during his commute. This particular day was no different — until he unexpectedly blew out a tire on the side of the interstate. This was during the Firestone tire recall where the entire sidewall of the tires were disintegrating.

Miracle 1: Marty’s tire shredded and fell off, but he made it safely to the side of the road. This is no small miracle since he drove an SUV that was known for rolling over quite easily.

As he braved the heat on the side of the highway to check out what was left of the flat, a gentleman in a small pickup truck pulled up behind him and offered to help change the tire. Marty smiled in relief since he didn’t have the right tools to put on the spare tire. He graciously accepted the stranger’s help and asked if he happened to have a cell phone so he could call the nanny and let her know he’d be late. The gentleman sat Marty in the driver’s seat of his truck and gave him his phone, a bottle of cold water, and a packet of crackers. He told Marty to take his time making his phone call.

Miracle 2: A cell phone — these weren’t very common at that time.

Leery about leaving the stranger to work alone, Marty spent less than five minutes talking to the nanny and finishing his bottle of water. He got out of the gentleman’s truck to help change the tire only to find him wiping his hands with a rag and showing Marty that the spare tire was already on.

Miracle 3: Changing a spare in record time.

My husband thanked the man and got into his SUV to leave. He felt such gratitude and quickly looked in his rearview mirror to wave at the stranger again to thank him. Then…

Miracle 4: The man and his truck were gone … completely. As Marty surveyed the interstate both in front of him and behind him to see what might have happened to the gentleman, he noticed something odd. There was absolutely no traffic and no cars to be seen for miles on what was usually a very busy interstate. It was then that God spoke to his heart and he knew he’d been visited by an angel.

Over the many years of our marriage and trials of life, we often discussed that experience as a reminder to trust God in all things, even when it seems like you can’t feel Him near you. I thank God for never leaving us alone, and I still marvel at how He holds the universe in His hand yet knows us each so personally to send angels to our side.

“The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” (Psalm 34:7)

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