Letting Them Find Their Way

Written by Sister Lori Kimmel on Monday, June 22, 2020. Posted in Testimonies

Letting Them Find Their Way

Today's Miracle Monday relates a dream given to Sister Lori Kimmel regarding her children.

You see, I sadly found myself raising my children alone when they were ages 4, 7, 9, and 11. I believed because we ended up alone that God had a plan for my children. Surely they would grow up to serve Him, become great people in the church... I just knew that THIS was the reason we went through the dark times.

As they grew, I did not find this to be the case. Some of them continued to join me at church, and others grew further away. I became frustrated with them and with God. When they chose not to go to church as older teenagers, I would get upset, and (most probably) ruin both mine and all the kids’ day. One night, God blessed me with a dream. I hope it blesses your life as it did mine!

I dreamed that my two older boys, Ryan and Scott, walked out of the house and down to a car waiting out front. I followed them, angry and frustrated, although in my dream there was no specific cause for my feelings, I knew, while watching the scene unfold, that it was because of their choices to not attend church. As they approached the car, my oldest son, Ryan, opened the car door, and turned to me. “We have to find our own way,” he said. And with that, they got into the car and drove away.

You would think that I would wake up more upset, right? No, I woke up with a peace that only God could give me! God was telling me that they were no longer under my tutelage — they were now His. I continue to fast and pray for them. I continue to speak of God and His church when I can. But I don’t worry anymore. They belong to God, not me, and He’ll take care of them. Whether they choose Him or not, it is no longer my “fault” for they are now free to make their own choices.

I also believe that the younger two children were not in that dream because they were still in my spiritual care. I am grateful for the peace that He alone can give. May God bless ALL of our kids, that when they reach their age of accountability they make the right choice. And may God bless all of us while we wait for that day!

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  • Linda Scolaro

    Linda Scolaro

    22 June 2020 at 11:30 |
    So beautifully said. Parenting is not easy. May God continue to bless you and your children.


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