Leah: Chosen, Not Rejected

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Monday, July 22, 2019. Posted in Scripture Study

Leah: Chosen, Not Rejected

For the remainder of the month of July, we are going to pause Miracle Monday and continue with Sister Alena's series on women of the Bible. In August, we will resume our regularly scheduled Miracle Mondays, where we share testimonies and experiences from our readers.

Leah’s story has always been an interesting one to me. Here was a woman who built Israel and yet still felt unloved. I am reminded of a scene in a popular TV show where one character says that he must be the *only* rich and famous person to still be alone and missing something.

You can read Leah’s story in Genesis chapters 29 to 35, but essentially, she does everything she can to be the love of her husband Jacob’s life — and still she is not.

She is overlooked, reduced to a seemingly desperate wife. But she is so much more.

Leah was handpicked by God to be not only a significant figure in history, but an ancestor of His own son, Jesus Christ.

There’s a really key lesson for in our everyday lives.

How often do we do those everyday tasks — laundry, dishes, commute to work and then drive home — and life is boring?

For Leah, life may have been boring. She lived her everyday life. She took care of her kids. She managed the household, but still she didn’t have the love of her husband, and she felt that something was missing.

For us, maybe what we’re missing is the job we want or the direction we’re craving.

But through all of this, God is moving in our lives, just like He moved in Leah’s.

Through all of those everyday, seemingly empty tasks, God was building a legacy through her. She was shaping God’s kingdom even when she felt overlooked.

That’s the same for us. When I drive to work in the morning and I’m tired and not feeling great, God is still using me. He still loves me.

When I’m working on a huge project for a tight deadline at work, and I'm working into the morning and I’m beyond stressed, God is still using me.

Leah is the perfect example of how good God is. Even in her misery and disappointment and heartbreak, God still used her. God still looked at her shattered sense of self and said that she would be the perfect ancestor of His son.

What Jacob saw as a secondary option, God saw as the only option.

Each one of us was created to be a participant in God’s divine activity, and that’s evident from Ephesians 2:10, which says that we were each His workmanship.

To me, Leah is the ultimate love story. Even when she wasn’t loved on earth, she was so intensely loved by God. Even though she may have felt like just a reject, God chose her and used her and loved her so much.

God embraced her, just like He’s embracing each of us.

How Has God Made You Feel Accepted?

Did today's article remind you of a time in your life when you felt rejected and worthless but God gave you an experience to show how much He loves and values you? We'd love to hear about it and share it next month for Miracle Monday!

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