How My Decisions Discipled Me

Written by Brother P. on Tuesday, December 03, 2019. Posted in Special Series

How My Decisions Discipled Me

Today's article is another installment in our series of childhood church memories. Today, Brother P. recollects how growing up in church influenced his adult decisions.

If you grew up in The Church of Jesus Christ like I did, then you probably have memories of playing under the pew as a kid — and having to sit next to mom if you got too loud. There are also memories of Sunday school lessons, sermons, baptisms, sacrament, feetwashing, campouts, picnics, MBA activities, and more.

One thing that I am particularly thankful for is not really one event, and I cannot actually remember a person telling me this, but I think it was more of a cultural thing that I absorbed.

Let me explain. I got this idea that when I grew up I would need:

  • To find a job that was close to The Church.
  • To live within driving distance of The Church.
  • To spend my Sundays and Wednesdays attending Church.

Of course if I tell people this, they are quick to say something like, “You should worry more about serving the Lord,” or “You should worry more about finding a virtuous woman who will serve the Lord with you,” or “You should worry more about your relationship with the Lord.”

I have found that by living near The Church, having a job close to The Church, and spending my Sundays and Wednesdays in Church, I do find myself serving the Lord. And I found a wife who serves the Lord with me. And my relationship with the Lord continues to grow, year by year. Go figure!

If you are a young person who is deciding things like where to go to school, what to go to school for, or what kind of job to get, or how you are going to spend your time now that you are becoming responsible for your own clock, then please allow me to suggest that you re-read the above bullet points.

How did growing up in church influence the most important decisions of your adult life?

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