Hey, There's a Man in My Path

Written by Sister Donna Repcheck on Monday, October 20, 2014. Posted in Testimonies

Hey, There's a Man in My Path

Today's marriage-related Miracle Monday is the story of Sister Donna Repcheck. It shows how God writes the perfect love story.

Many years ago, I said a small prayer asking the Lord that if there was someone out there for me, that He would put him in my path. I used to be quite shy in larger groups and uncomfortable starting conversation, so i knew it wouldn't be easy finding a mate.

I first met my husband, Jack, because both my son and Jack were in a play at an open-air theater in Washington Crossing. We spoke almost every night during intermission and were really interested in each other as we had a lot in common. When the play ended after two weeks, he asked me for a date. After making excuses a few times (too nervous) I finally said yes. We have been happily married for over 17 years, and I feel my life is truly blessed.

I didn't think about my prayer for at least a year after we started dating, when things were getting quite serious. When I was thinking about marriage, the Lord prompted me to remember my prayer. The words "in my path" echoed in my mind, and then I realized that Jack had first introduced himself to me on that dirt path at that open-air theater!

I remember thinking, "Wow, how amazing that the Lord answered my prayer literally!" I then had no doubts that he was the man I should marry. God is so good, and He has a plan for each of us. We need to trust Him fully when we ask for His help.

On a cute side note, there have been a few times in our marriage where my husband has forgotten to do something that I asked or I have found myself annoyed about something, and he has said to me, "Hey, remember you prayed for me." This makes me smile and warms my heart.

Miracles for November

Dear brothers and sisters, next month, we're asking that you share testimonies and experiences that God gave you to help cope with or heal from death (in any form — the loss of a person, pet, or even a dream). Thank you in advance for your courage in sharing your story with us.

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