Healed in More Ways Than One

Written by Sister Joyce Smith on Monday, August 14, 2017. Posted in Miracles

Healed in More Ways Than One

Today's Miracle Monday is the testimony of Sister Joyce Smith. God helped her through two bouts of cancer, but this story is about a specific time she was in need during her journey.

I thank God that I am a two-time cancer survivor, from breast cancer in 1998 and rectal cancer in 2012. I praise God every morning I wake.

When I was admitted to the hospital to have surgery for the rectal cancer, I was told I would likely remain in the hospital for four to five days after surgery, but I ended up staying for 11 days — because, naturally, I couldn't go home until my bowel movements returned.

Doctors did tests, MRIs, and CT scans to determine why my body hadn't resumed normal activity. They tried this and that, but nothing worked.

After laying in a hospital bed for that many days, you start to evaluate life and pray a lot. I had gotten to the point in my life that I knew I should not drink alcohol any more, especially since I have a family history of alcoholism. I'd have one glass of wine to relax after getting home from work, and I'd soon see the bottle gone. Or, on weekends or at social gatherings, one cocktail would lead to too many. And each time, I would wake the next morning not feeling good because of the poison I put in my body. The past few years, I had tried to stop, but I was unable to.

Laying in that hospital bed, I also thought about my relationship with God. I had recently been reinstated in the church after 13 years, following my divorce. Now, my spirit was renewed, and I was so excited to be back home with my church family and in the service of God, and I wanted to change some of my ways to be a better Christian.

While in the bathroom on the 11th day, as I had done every morning of each day, I prayed my heart out to God. I spoke with God. I promised to never have another drink if He would help me. Immediately, and I mean immediately, He answered my prayer. I cried and thanked God. I was able to go home that morning.

The best part of this experience is that I no longer drink. I no longer put that poison in my system, and God even took the urge and desire away from me, something I could have never done on my own. I have kept the promise I made with God.

Additionally, I just got the results from my recent mammogram and I am (still) cancer free.

I know I am a miracle, and I am happy that God has given me good health and that I have the Lord in my life. I pray for those who are suffering with cancer because God hears our prayers.

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  • Anonymous


    14 August 2017 at 12:55 |
    What a Beautiful testimony Sister. JESUS is great. I'm so happy for you.


    • Brother Gary Thompson

      Brother Gary Thompson

      14 August 2017 at 12:57 |
      Not sure why it says from anonymous but anyhow, thank you Sister for sharing.


  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    28 August 2017 at 17:39 |
    Truly a WONDERFUL experience!! I am so very happy that God has blessed you much! Anyone who has had or still has the same issue can truly appreciate God's amazing power. You have to be an inspiration to many others. Thank you so much for sharing! :)


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