Grief, Gnocchi, and No Regrets

Written by Sister Lynette Huttenberger on Monday, September 17, 2018. Posted in Miracles

Grief, Gnocchi, and No Regrets

For today's Miracle Monday, Sister Lynette Huttenberger responds to a recent request for articles about how God uses us as instruments in His hand. Enjoy!

Some years ago, a former member of our branch passed away. He and his wife lived in our neighborhood, and we would see them regularly at a local bagel and coffee shop.

As customary, food is brought to the home of the grieving family as a sign of love. My intention was to deliver food to his wife, but I heard they had an overabundance of food, so I didn't. As a deaconess of the church, this bad decision haunted me for years. I felt I should have reached out no matter what! From time to time I would pass by their street and immediately feel regret.

Several years later, our realtor's father passed away, and I had a desire to bring a meal to their home. They lived only a few streets from our home, and I didn't want to experience the same regret. My thoughts were to bring a meal over after Sunday service, however I had a house full of unexpected company. I had no idea how I was going to accomplish this. I could feel the Lord pulling at my heart to bring food over to their home — today! There was no way I wanted to experience the same regret again.

I prepared a pan of gnocchi and sauce, excused myself to the company, and drove two streets to my realtor's home. They are of Italian heritage, so the home was bustling with family. I presented the food and said I wasn't sure they liked gnocchi, but I hoped they would enjoy the meal.

They began to tell me that their father loved making gnocchi and they had just boiled his last batch from the freezer. The family was so sad because it became a big lump of dough in the pot. The family was scrambling to figure out dinner as I arrived with a hot meal of gnocchi.

God is so good! Not only did He provide a replacement meal for that family, He allowed me to make right the regret I held for so many years. Only God can accomplish such a thing. He can provide, bless, and heal all at the same time. Now when I pass by those streets, I remember how magnificent the Lord is. My Lord Can.

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