God's Way Is the Best Way

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God's Way Is the Best Way

Today we've got another camp newsletter for you. We hope you've been enjoying the spotlights, personal messages, and photos.

Click here to read Words for the Way! Another shout-out to newsletter coordinator Sister Christine Martorana for sharing these with us.

The Gospel Blog also has boots on the ground at GMBA. Sister Vicki Ali, another of our camp correspondents, is bringing you our question of the day. She asked, "If you had to pick a personal quote of the day from chapel, seminars, or your fellowship time, what would it be?"

Brother Bruce Picciuto and Brother Dane and Sister Kelly Obradovich said that in their seminar class they were discussing how we can still share our church with others who aren't seeking or who are part of another faith. A sister compared this to people who have only tasted a cannoli they've bought at Kroger (a grocery chain) but once they've tasted an authentic cannoli made fresh with quality ingredients, they know the difference. The "taste" will convince them!

Brother George Katsaras, who recently, tragically lost a grandson, told Sister Vicki with tears in his eyes, "All those who have come up to me and said, 'We love you Brother George and we're praying for you'." She asked him how many times he heard that since he walked on camp, and he said he couldn't keep count.

Sister Alicia Draskovich was struck by Brother Tony Ricci's message Monday night about going the extra mile. The origin of the saying dates back to the Roman occupation when, by law, a Roman soldier could order someone to carry his equipment for a maximum distance of a thousand paces. Jesus encourages His followers in Matthew 5:41 to go the extra distance, beyond obligation, in service for others. How this concept must've ruffled feathers in Jesus's time and even today as it's against our nature. Brother Tony said that God requires our "reasonable" service, but going beyond that for someone might open a door of opportunity to share your faith when someone asks why you're always willing to go the extra mile!

Lovely ladies Bianca Staley, Maddy Lambert, Anna DiMelis, Sophia O'Conner and Sydney Lovalvo shared a chant they learned in a young people's meeting: My way? No way! His way!

Today's feature photo shows the smiling faces of those who participated in the question of the day.

Speaking of photos, we've got a camera roll of group photos from each seminar class for you to enjoy, courtesy of the photographic talents of Brother Duane Werley. 

GMBA Collage 3

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