God's Always There for His Children

Written by Sister Karen Watford on Thursday, September 03, 2015. Posted in Testimonies

God's Always There for His Children

Today, we've got a personal testimony from Sister Karen Watford. She tells about a time in her life when God provided comfort in a moment of deep sadness.

Sometimes in life, many tribulations come all at once. Two years ago, this happened to me.

For several years, I'd needed a knee replacement but was afraid, so I kept postponing it. Finally, I had to accept the surgery, and, thank God, it went very well.

For about a year prior to this, my husband, Vaughn, had tremors, migraines, and vertigo. After seeing many doctors, we were left still searching for solutions. We had to put his medical needs on hold during my surgery, but, when my doctors said I could drive again five weeks after the operation, we continued with our search for answers to his health issues.

At this point, our schedule became extremely hectic. I had physical therapy three days a week, and Vaughn also had PT (for his vertigo) twice a week in a different location, with a different therapist, and on different days than I had, so we were always running around. On top of that, his neurologist sent him to many other doctors and to labs for lots and lots of testing.

At home, I had exercises that I was supposed to do — and they told me to rest. I accomplished the grueling exercises, but the resting part was pushed aside. I wasn't sleeping well anyway. With knee replacements, it's normal to have discomfort that prevents proper sleep for at least four months.

During this time, my mom fell ill.

One day when talking to her on the phone, I heard the depression and pain in her voice and decided to do something that I hadn't done for quite a while. I called a local florist in Georgia and ordered her flowers. The man on the phone was very kind, and, in the course of conversation, I told him about Mom's condition and what was going on with Vaughn and me. He made the biggest and most beautiful flower arrangement Mom had ever seen. Every day she would joyfully tell me which flower opened and how beautiful they were.

The flowers came on a Friday, and she passed away the following Monday. Since my surgeon did not want me to travel and Vaughn couldn't travel or be left alone at that time, I wasn't able to go to Mom's funeral. I was heartbroken and grieving — not to mention exhausted and in constant physical discomfort.

On the day of her memorial service, I was driving to PT and decided to turn on the radio. A very old song that I hadn't heard since I was a child, "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen," played immediately. My mom's name is Kathleen. I began to cry so hard that I had to pull off the road. That radio station doesn't normally play old songs like that one, so I knew that God did this for me!

He comforted me greatly in my hour of need. What a wonderful, loving, kind and compassionate Father we have. God is always there for His children!

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  • Anonymous


    03 September 2015 at 20:47 |
    Oh how beautiful that experience is!!! Wow!! God is just so good!! Thank God for your faith. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful testimony. Sis. Tlt :)


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