God Is on the Job

Written by Guest Writers on Monday, May 18, 2020. Posted in Testimonies

God Is on the Job

Today, we're bringing you three Miracle Monday testimonies about how God provided work for His children.

Submitted by Sister Renee Scolaro, Mesa Branch, Arizona

In my mid-teens, when I would hear the ministry preach about our church's mission to take the gospel to Israel, and especially the tribe of Joseph, it resonated within me, and I wanted to be part of it. Upon applying for college, I asked the Lord to allow me to use my skills to serve Native People.

In 1986, an opportunity presented itself to move to Arizona. I began to search for employment at a nearby reservation and was directed to inquire at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center, where I was immediately offered a position. I’ve been blessed with 34 years of continuous employment, exclusively in Indian communities.

It’s been my privilege to have met so many interesting and loving people who freely share their life stories. I seek opportunities to connect with them on a spiritual level. I've met many believers in Christ, and I pray for many who have yet to personally know God's love. I pray for the day when The Church will have a presence in the community where I work. I thank God for honoring the sincere desire of my heart.

Submitted by Sister Dianne Maddox

The newspaper that I worked for in Ohio also owned the newspaper in Florida near where I was moving. I thought I would immediately get a job at the Palm Beach Post when I moved in August 2010. They said I wasn't a good fit. My boss in Ohio even reached out to them and wasn't able to make any headway for me.

In February 2011, I was diagnosed with epilepsy which meant I couldn't drive for six months (until August). In August 2011, the advertising manager from the Palm Beach Post emailed me and asked if I was still interested in the position. It was an outside sales job, which required driving. As I pulled into the Palm Beach Post parking lot for my interview, a song began playing on the radio, "Here Comes a Miracle."

They offered me the job that day. I worked there for seven years. It was a miracle that I got the job, it was also a miracle that I was successful in a high-pressure sales position, while on heavy medication and having seizures. My life is a miracle.

Submitted by Brother Shane Covalesky, Greensburg Branch, Pennsylvania

I want to give my testimony of how the Lord blessed me during these uncertain times. I co-own an outdoor maintenance company, providing lawn care and landscaping. We have been blessed with an abundance of work and great customers lately, which has eased the stress and anxiety during this crisis. I met my business partner at the beginning of last year with no intentions of co-owning a company. The more we began to help each other with our own separate companies at the time, the more we discovered how similar our lives are, including our faith in Christ. Long story short, we became partners and took a lot of risk knowing God would provide. And He has! Our partnership — which some discourage against — has been working out tremendously this season. I give God all of the honor for what He has provided thus far and for what He will in the future. I will continue to pray for those who do not share a similar situation, that God will provide for them and their families!

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