God Hears You

Written by Sister Carmela Gray on Monday, September 03, 2018. Posted in Miracles

God Hears You

Happy Labor Day! Today's Miracle Monday is comprised of two short testimonies submitted by Sister Carmela Gray. (If you don't think God hears you, then these experiences are for you.)

I can remember some years back I was going through a very bad time with my spouse. I even contemplated divorce, but, knowing we are to pray for all things, I went to the Lord with my plight.

It was a few months later that, as I was busy doing some chore, I suddenly heard this small, still voice say to me, "You married for better or worse till death do you part." Things began to get better as I realized how very important any marriage commitment is before the Lord. He brought us through. We celebrated 48 years of marriage last month (August).

I went through a period of a couple months where every time I went to pray I would fall asleep. I would talk to God while working or driving, but when I went to go to sleep and pray, I didn't stay awake.

One morning after this occurred again, I woke so upset I repeatedly apologized to God for falling asleep. A while after talking to the Lord, I heard Him speak to me, saying, "It's OK, Carmela. I hear you throughout the day."

I can never forget His sweet voice filled with compassion for me. I know the scripture that says when you can't pray the Spirit does for you, but this experience has carried me since knowing out of everyone in this world, He hears my meager prayers and knows my name. He is truly an amazing Living God.

How Did God Speak to You?

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