Even Before

Written by Sister Rosanne Champine on Monday, August 10, 2020. Posted in Miracles

Even Before

Today's Miracle Monday is a testimony of reassurance and peace submitted by Sister Rosanne Champine.

I woke up on August 19, 2019 with my bedside clock showing 5 a.m. I stayed in bed knowing I still had time before getting ready for a 9 a.m. doctor’s appointment and soon dozed off to sleep. Then, in the early hours of dawn — in what must have been a dream, but seemed so very real — I heard a tapping on my bedroom door. I got up out of bed to see who had knocked, walked down the still, dark hallway, seeking whoever it had been, and made my way to the kitchen. By the windows, standing in the shadows, was the outline of a person. I squinted my eyes, trying to determine who it was, when I recognized her —

It was my mother!

It took my breath away to see my beautiful mother, Sister Angela Scolaro, who had passed to her heavenly reward in 2013, standing there. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t move toward me. All she did was smile so sweetly and so lovingly. And, for a moment, it was wonderful just to be with her.

Then I awoke, crying tears of joy in gratitude to God to have seen my mother, if only for a moment.

This wonderful feeling stayed with me as I made my way to the doctor’s office. Routine test results earlier in the year warranted a consultation with a specialist. I had little concern, anticipating a change in diet and exercise, or perhaps a prescription to relieve my symptoms. I went without any real fear.

But, the consultation turned out to be a complete surprise. The doctor explained the only remedy for my issue was surgery. It was absolutely necessary or I would be dealing with a number of serious consequences, each sounding worse than the last. My throat would have to be cut, and one or several tiny glands carefully removed — an extremely delicate procedure with a variety of unwelcome risks. I left a little dazed, with a list of recommended surgeons and, again, the emphasis that my condition must be addressed with surgery — and soon.

I know that many people deal with much worse news and carry much larger and difficult crosses in their lives. Yet, for me, this was a big deal. To say that my earlier feelings of love and joy and peace were compromised is an understatement. This was NOT what I thought I would be facing that morning.

But ... I quickly came to praise God for His grace in preparing me with His love and comfort (delivered by my mother) even before I was dealt this difficult news. He softened the blow by allowing me to know His care for me that day, and He was gracious enough to assure me of His presence. The news I would receive was tempered by my faith, as it had been strengthened by God beforehand. How good He is.

Thankfully, I can say I had a successful surgery in December. Three of four rice-sized glands were removed. Praise God, His peace overshadowed me throughout the ordeal.

And this experience reminded me of a song the Lord had given me back when I was young in my faith: "Even Before." Within a few hours after a Wednesday night prayer meeting, as I contemplated the beautiful gift of prayer and God’s grace and condescension, these words and a melody came forth.

"Even Before"

Copyright RJ Scolaro 1984

Even before I say the words,
Even before I speak,
My prayer, the Lord’s already heard-
He already knows what I seek.

Even before I close my eyes,
Even before I kneel.
By faith, I’ve come to realize
He already knows how I feel!

Even before I ask, “Please forgive”
He already has forgot.
Teaches me how to hope and live-
He knows me inside out.

Even before I close my eyes,
Even before I kneel.
By faith, I’ve come to realize-
He already knows how I feel!

We have an understanding-
Nothing to complicate-
No need for deep interpretation-
We simply communicate.

Even before I pray for relief,
He’s already sent the cure.
Before I ask for greater belief,
He’s already made me sure.

Even before I close my eyes,
Even before I kneel
By faith, I’ve come to realize,
He already knows how I feel!

God is so good. I cannot praise Him enough for His loving concern for me and the details of my life, BEFORE I EVEN imagine what I may face.

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“Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear.” (Isaiah 65: 24)

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  • Brother Gary Thompson

    Brother Gary Thompson

    10 August 2020 at 08:23 |
    Beautiful. GOD Bless You Sister.


  • Sister Joyce Smith

    Sister Joyce Smith

    10 August 2020 at 14:19 |
    Praise God for answered prayers.


  • Denise DiFalco

    Denise DiFalco

    10 August 2020 at 16:39 |
    I remember the Sunday that Sister Roseanne first related this experience to us and how blessed and touched we all felt. What a wonderful blessing, Our God never fails us!!!!




    11 August 2020 at 16:33 |
    BEAUTIFUL, you brought me memories of my mother too. Thank you be safe and may God continue to bless you. Agape, Bro George


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