Desire to See Christ

Written by The Gospel News on Monday, December 09, 2019. Posted in Miracles

Desire to See Christ

Today's Miracle Monday originally appeared in the December 1951 issue of The Gospel News. This experience happened during a Detroit Branch 1 Ladies' Circle class. Sister Mary Di Donato had the following vision:

On Monday night, we were having our Ladies' Circle meeting, and we were reading in the Bible about the resurrection of Christ, when Mary went to to the tomb and didn't find Him there.

I looked at the three sisters that were sitting at the head who are President, Vice President, and Teacher, and it seemed they all appeared to me as though their faces were all the same. Then I turned to all the other sisters, and they appeared, too, all as one face.

I was then prompted to tell this experience, and as I was telling it to my sisters, Sister Marietta Ruzzi spoke in tongues, and Sisters DiFalco and Lucy DiAronio had the interpretation, which was that, at that moment, we were all of one heart and spirit — even as Mary wanted to see the body of Christ, so did we at that moment have the desire to see Christ.

Editor's Note: This is a time of year when we reflect on Christ's time on earth, and we imagine what it was like to actually see Him. Let today's story be a reminder to always keep this desire close at heart!

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