Cure for a Coma

Written by Sister Debbie Kyriakakos on Monday, August 21, 2017. Posted in Miracles

Cure for a Coma

Today, we're republishing a Miracle Monday from March 25, 2013, sent to us by Sister Debbie Meo Kyriakakos.

This is my miracle story. This was told to me by my parents and family members because I was only 1 year old when this took place. I had been very sick for several days and became dehydrated. My parents took me to the doctor, who assured them that I would be fine in a couple days. But my dehydration persisted for several more days.

One afternoon, I slept longer than normal for my nap. My great-grandma, Sister Rose Scalise, came over to see how I was. She told my mom, “The baby isn’t sleeping. She’s in a coma.”

As I was very dehydrated, my dad tried to give me a spoonful of water, and I choked and stopped breathing. As long as my dad held my head and neck straight, I could breathe. My parents got me in the car with my grandparents and rushed me to the hospital. All the while my dad was holding my head straight.

Once at the hospital, they ran tests and found that I also had pneumonia and was in a deep coma. They also ran brain wave tests and found there was no brain activity and I would probably not live through that night.

The phone calls went out to all the brothers and sisters of the church from California to the East Coast to fast and pray for me. (No Gospel Email back then!) I remained in the coma for the next four days. During those four days, many tests were done, and I was anointed many times. My parents took turns being there day and night.

On the fourth day, my mom asked my grandpa, Brother Rocco Meo, to anoint me one more time. During his prayer, I woke up and asked for my mama! God answered the many prayers offered up for me.

Needless to say, the doctors and nurses were totally amazed at my recovery. I stayed in the hospital for several more days, and many tests were done again, but all were perfectly normal. God had spared my life!

A couple days later, my mom and dad were coming up the hallway to my room and heard a terrible racket. As they got to my room, they saw and heard that it was me rocking the crib back and forth. I was back to normal.

I thank God for sparing my life and give Him all the honor and glory.

What's Your Miracle Story?

Chances are you have a personal "miracle story" that you just love to tell because it shows God's power and love for you. We'd like to hear it. Please share it with us, and we'll publish it on a future Miracle Monday. All glory to God.

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  • Brother Gary Thompson

    Brother Gary Thompson

    21 August 2017 at 12:09 |
    Praise JESUS. What an awesome testimony of HIS greatness and all knowing.


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