Changed Completely in a Moment

Written by Brother Tony Ricci on Monday, April 02, 2018. Posted in Testimonies

Changed Completely in a Moment

Today's Miracle Monday is a must-read conversion story from the Ricci family, as told by Brother Tony Ricci.

I was raised in the Christian faith of my father, and my mother was a devout Buddhist. Throughout the years, my extended family and others made many attempts to convert my mother. Every one was met with cursing and mocking — that a man would die on a cross for the sake of others. The very thought was silly to my mother.

May 1987, my family was at its lowest point. One day, my parents went to go pick up my baby brother from his last day of school, and they were lamenting that they did not have even $1 to buy him a hamburger from McDonalds.

As they were waiting, my mother had to use the restroom, so she went into the hospital next door to the school. As he waited in the car, my father saw a woman chasing a bus and remembered saying, “God, I know you don’t care about me, but at least help that lady.” She missed the bus and he watched her go into the hospital, telling God, “You don’t help anybody.”

Some time passed, and he saw my mother come out of the hospital — he testified many times — that he saw a look on her face of utter joy. She looked so different. He began to think that she must have found a wallet or a purse that had a lot of money in it. She opened the door and told my dad that she had found the Lord!

He promptly responded that he didn’t know the Lord was lost. Needless to say, my dad was disappointed, but he kept listening. Mom said that she was washing her hands in the restroom, and a woman grabbed her arm and asked if she believed in Jesus Christ! My mom said she went to turn to tell the lady to mind her own business, and all of a sudden her feet were stuck to the floor, and she could not move. And, in a voice not her own, she yelled, “YES I DO!”

The woman then asked if she wanted to accept Him as Lord and Savior. Still stuck to the floor and not able to move, she yelled, “YES I DO!” All of sudden, my mom could move.

This began to frighten my father. He'd seen how upset my mother would get at the name of Jesus — and now this! He began to say that he wanted to meet the woman who could do this to his wife. Just then, the woman came out of the hospital — it was the same woman who had missed the bus! She introduced herself as Sister Mary Joswiak of The Church of Jesus Christ in McKees Rocks. Needless to say, my parents needed to go see a Church with this kind of power.

Conversion Stories for May

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