Blogger's Choice: Gideon Moment

Written by Brother Andrew DiNardo on Wednesday, July 22, 2015. Posted in Testimonies

Blogger's Choice: Gideon Moment

Today's Blogger's Choice spotlight is from Brother Andrew DiNardo. He chose his article "Gideon Moment," originally published on September 12, 2013.

He says, "Now almost two years later, I'm 1,300 miles from family and where I lived my whole life but thriving where God has placed me. Being so far away from family and my perfect little nephew isn't easy BUT knowing that God has placed me here and watching Him move in my life makes it easier. These experiences still ring true in my life."

I recently had a Gideon moment.

If you don't recall the story, Gideon asked for a specific sign before he agreed to do what the Lord asked. Gideon asked God to make a piece of fleece wet with morning dew and the earth around it dry. Gideon asked God to do the reverse the following morning, the fleece being dry and the earth around it wet with dew. It happened just as Gideon asked (Judges 6:36-40).

Have you ever had a Gideon moment? Maybe you were facing a big decision and needed to know for certain you were following the Lord's will. I've been seeking God's will in my life for some time now. In seeking God's will, God has been speaking to me in many different ways: hand-tailored sermons just for me, perfect Sunday song selections, the Lord speaking to others with a message for me, confirmations of those messages, the list goes on.

But I still wanted precise direction. All the messages up to that point told me God would be with me, which brought great comfort, but, like Gideon, I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing.

I was recently in Michigan on vacation, and on Sunday, we sang an opening hymn, but no brother got up to speak. Wanting to confirm he was to speak, and wrestling with the spirit, a brother asked for another hymn. After the second hymn, this brother got up and began to speak.

During his sermon, he confessed to the congregation that he was wrestling with the Holy Spirit to ensure that he was supposed to speak. This struck me pretty hard, as I, too, had been wrestling with the Holy Spirit. As he closed, he mentioned how we can do all things through Christ and asked the congregation, "What is impossible with God?" and the congregation roared back, "Nothing!" This was such a confirmation to my soul.

As the meeting was drawing to a close, still wrestling with the spirit in my weakness, I asked God, "If this is Your will for my life, let the ministry give me the wine glass after the service." Being a visitor, and with so many people there, I figured this was almost impossible. By the time the service closed, I'd forgot about my request.

As I was greeting people after the service, one of the elders turned to me and another elder and said, "Brothers, finish this for me." He handed the wine glass to the elder. The elder looked down at the glass, didn't take a sip, and handed it to me. I immediately remembered my request and began to shake as I was overcome with the spirit. God had heard my silly request and clearly said, "If that's what it'll take, here's your answer."

So, I had my answer and I was good to go, right? BAH! Wrong! Weakness, doubt and fear set in, and I again wrestled with the spirit. Before bed Sunday night, I said to the Lord, not even in a prayer, just talking to Him, "Lord if this is what you want, I need another experience."

On Monday morning, I was spending time with my cousins, sharing different experiences and talking about the things of the Lord. I was explaining how, as humans, we can pick apart and question certain experiences and gifts. In that exact moment, my cousin spoke in tongues, and the interpretation was, "My son, you asked and I answered. You knocked and I opened. Believe what I have told you, thus saith the Lord."

I was so overcome by the spirit, and, just like that, I had my Gideon moment.

Are we listening for the Lord? Are we wrestling with the spirit? Scripture is very clear on what to do: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened" (Matthew 7:7-8).

Please don't be afraid to have your own Gideon moment. Ask, seek, and knock. As you do, please remember me in prayer as I seek God's will in my life.

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Luke 23-24

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  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    22 July 2015 at 21:08 |
    Wow!! I love reading it a second time!!! Awesome experience!! God has continue to bless you Brother!


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