Be Transformed

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Be Transformed

For today's Miracle Monday, we're sharing more of a testimony than an experience. A sister in The Church told this story in response to the question, "When in your life did you have to choose between conforming to the world and being transformed by God? What did you learn?"

The sister shared about when she moved away from home for the first time to go to college. She lived in the dorms during her first semester in school, and she soon got to know all the girls who lived in her strip of hallway.

These girls habitually asked her to go out with them in the evenings to have a little fun, and one night, after declining several previous requests, she decided to join them. When they got to their destination, our sister felt so uncomfortable and out of place that she left and went back to the dorms. She wanted to be friendly with her fellow students, but she realized that she didn't want to do the things that they were doing.

So, she did remain friendly with her dorm-mates, but she never went out with them again. Since she decided not to spend her evenings with the girls from school, she had plenty of free time at night to study scripture and get to know God more intimately. She said that this was a time of profound life transformation for her. Instead of trying to be more like her peers, she sought to be more like Jesus. And the crazy thing — she was totally OK with it.

Near the end of the semester, she saw that a note had been slid under her dorm room door. It was from another student who lived down the hall — a Christian girl who had been too self-conscious to show that side of herself in the college environment. Here's the actual note itself (with the names removed) followed by a transcript:

Kathy Note

"Hey! I am so glad that we had that talk tonight. I am so proud of you and I know the Lord is! Keep it up. I just wanted to ask you to pray for me and to be the Christian I was before. I envy you. You make me proud. I <3 you! Jesus <3's you!"

Our sister's behavior all semester was an inspiration and an example because she stayed true to what she believed and stood out from the crowd. Without even knowing it, our sister was making an impact on someone else. By allowing Jesus to transform her and refusing to let the world conform her, she was able to witness without words.

How Have You Been Transformed?

We'd love to hear your answer to the question: When in your life did you have to choose between conforming to the world and being transformed by God? What did you learn? Click here to share your story of transformation with us.

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  • Brother Gary Thompson

    Brother Gary Thompson

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    That's a double five star rating there. That's awesome. Praise JESUS!!!


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