As the Seasons Turn

Written by Sister Rosanne Champine on Wednesday, November 19, 2014. Posted in Music & Singalongs

As the Seasons Turn

Today, we're featuring another death-related testimony shared by Sister Rosanne Champine.

Although we find comfort in our understanding of God's heavenly reward for those who endure to the end, the heartache we experience when we lose our loved ones cuts deeply and profoundly. This loss is heightened when someone passes on in his or her youth. In our humanity, we sometimes struggle to understand why one is taken home but another is healed or why we have to endure the pain of separation "prematurely."

A few years ago in our branch, we witnessed a young brother battle cancer and subsequently pass on to his eternal reward. The loss was great and weighed heavily on our hearts. As I prayed for the Lord's comfort — especially for the family of our dear brother — the Lord impressed words and a melody upon me and an understanding that life will bring changes and challenges.

Sometimes, the only "answer" the Lord gives is


But what a blessing to know and serve a loving Father. A patient Teacher: A Potter whose plan for my life is perfect and beautiful. I need only to yield to His will and allow Him to shape and mold me.

And when those storms come along that I don't want or understand, I simply reach for His hand to receive His strength and the gift of His Peace, which is ultimately all I really need...

Words and music by Rosanne J. Champine*

The winter cold blows in, and I am quick to pray,
"Lord, take these fierce, harsh winds, and send them far away."
I want the August sun-- I want her golden rays.
Warm, happy summer days ...warm, happy summer days.

But in Your wisdom lies a purpose and a plan-
You hold the seasons of my life within Your hand.
And there is BEAUTY in the winters' cold,
The autumn leaves of gold,
The raindrops of the spring,
YOUR will in everything!

For there's a time to live and there's a time to die.
There's a time to laugh and there's a time to cry.
And when I don't understand, I simply reach for Your hand.
This is what I learn,
As the seasons turn...

Now there are things You'd have me see, and feel, and know.
In understanding, You would like this child to grow.
For through the pain and joy of life comes FAITH,
And PATIENCE as I wait,
And TRUST that through each test,
My Father knows what's best.

Yes, there's a time to live and there's a time to die.
There's a time to laugh and there's a time to cry.
Sometimes I wonder, "How?"...
Sometimes I question, "Why?"...

But there are reasons I won't always understand,
So I just go on my way...
And simply TRUST and OBEY.
This is what I learn,
As the seasons turn...

*Copyright 2002 Rosanne J. Champine

This article has undergone ministry review and approval.

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    Christine M

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