Angelic Assistance

Written by Sister Terri Nath on Monday, February 18, 2019. Posted in Miracles

Angelic Assistance

Today's Miracle Monday is a testimony from Sister Terri Nath. What do you make of the twist at the end of this story?

After reading a recent Miracle Monday, I recalled a similar experience I had over 10 years ago, one snowy morning in February.

I was on my way to the doctor and felt I could make it safely since I had 4-wheel drive. Even though I was going slow, I lost control of my Jeep on a sharp bend and ended up in the hill side. Because of the bend, I couldn't see if anyone was coming towards me and was afraid to back out.

I began to pray and ask the Lord what I should do.

One car came around the bend, and I was sure it was going to hit me, but it just made it by. I petitioned the Lord even more. A transit bus was now coming down the hill toward me but saw my predicament and stopped.

The next thing I knew, what I thought was a red truck came up around the bend and went between me and the bus. A man I didn't recognize got out of the truck and motioned for me to back out three times. So I finally did and made it to the other side of the road. When I went to thank the man, he and his truck were gone, but the bus was still there. In my heart, I knew God had sent an angel to help me.

Well, two years ago, we were out to lunch with the Koglers. Brother Chuck, out of the clear blue, said to me, "Do you remember the day you were stuck on the hillside, and I stopped to help?"

I said, "That wasn't you," but he insisted it was. He was on his way to work in the gas company truck (white not red) and he stopped to help. He never could understand why I never mentioned it to him.

Well, I never mentioned it to him, because I didn't recognize the man, and it wasn't a gas company truck; it was a red pickup.

I don't know how to explain that. All I know is that God heard my prayer and sent an angel to help me, and that angel just happened to be a brother in Christ.

What Testimony Do You Remember Today?

Does today's Miracle Monday remind you of a testimony in your own life where God got you out of a jam? (Maybe a jam that put you in spiritual rather than physical danger?) We'd love to praise God with you and hear about what He has done. Click here to share your story on the blog.

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