A Day in the Life at GMBA Camp 2019

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A Day in the Life at GMBA Camp 2019

Wednesday at camp began with a chapel service addressed by Brother Doug Obradovich on the subject of “Who Was It?” The final day of seminars followed. The 56-64 age group had some special visitors from the 9-10-year-olds. The children held up cards that spelled out “Lively Hope” and shared something from each card that Jesus does to give us hope, beginning with the letter on the card. At the end of their presentation, the children each found one person in the regular class to give the card to.

Each day, we break for lunch after seminars, which provides a great opportunity for fellowship.

GMBA 2019 23

For the second time this week, a special coffee hour was scheduled for the young adults in the 24-30 age group. Today, some of them gathered around a table and played a game to enjoy each other’s company.

GMBA 2019 24

The evening meeting featured the adult choir under the direction of Sister Carolyn Gross. Right after the first speaker, Brother Joe Giannetti, concluded his sermon, Sister Carolyn jumped up and began singing the first hymn, joined by various members of the choir until all were standing and singing.

GMBA 2019 25

The choir then made their way to the stage and sang three beautiful hymns.

GMBA 2019 26

GMBA 2019 27GMBA 2019 27GMBA 2019 27

After the choir finished, Brother Chuck Maddox addressed the congregation. Then, the 19-23 age group came forward to sing and testify. Part of their presentation included the display of their own Standard of Liberty that they created during their seminar class this week.

GMBA 2019 30

At least four people have requested baptism so far! Three of these are scheduled to be baptized on Thursday morning. Look for baptism photos tomorrow!

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  • Sharon Sloan

    Sharon Sloan

    11 July 2019 at 06:36 |
    What a blessing to be a part of the GMBA 2019 Camp. Please keep sharing the blessings.


  • Anonymous


    11 July 2019 at 08:21 |
    WhAT a great day. I enjoy these every mmorning. Four baptism! Sweet!


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