A Blessed Experience

Written by Brother Rich Nath on Thursday, May 30, 2019. Posted in Miracles

A Blessed Experience

In early April, Brother Jeremy Schroder and I were ordained into the ministry in the Fort Worth, Texas, Branch.

As the ordinations began, Brother Jeremy and I had our feet washed, and then the ministry encircled us to pray for God's Spirit and power to be evident in the ordinations. When the brothers stood and encircled us, Brother Paul Liberto was almost directly in front of me, with Brother Juan de la Cruz to his right. As I sat in the chair with my head down, I opened my eyes a little and could tell that the brothers were close together. I didn't necessarily make out shoe types — there were a lot of tears in my eyes — but knew that there wasn't much space between the brothers.

I felt Brother Paul extend his hand over my head with the oil bottle. I then felt the oil placed on my head from someone in front of me. However, Brother Jerry Morle, who was standing over my left shoulder, almost behind me, placed his hands on my head and began to pray. Immediately, I thought to myself, "That was interesting. Why did Brother Paul put the oil on my head and not Brother Jerry?" Almost as fast as I thought it, I let it go and concentrated on listening to the prayer and praying with Brother Jerry.

After Brother Jerry's prayer, and Brother Walt Jankowski's prayer for Brother Jeremy, Sister Bennie Jones related a vision she had. She said that, as the meeting was opened, Jesus came down out of Heaven inside of a chariot. As Brother Jeremy and I were having our feet washed, He stood in the middle of the two of us, and three men came up the center aisle. First, they surrounded Brother Jeremy as his feet were washed, and then they surrounded me as mine were washed. The two of us had on the armor of God, and two of the messengers attached the Breastplate of Righteousness on each of us and went back up into Heaven. The other messenger took the Sword of the Spirit out of its sheath, shined and sharpened both sides of it, and placed it back.

As we were each ordained, Sister Bennie said that Jesus was in the middle and the other three joined the Brothers as well. As I stood up and began to embrace the ministry, I came to Brother Jerry. I asked him, "Who put the oil on my head?" He said that he did. I told him, "No you didn't. It came from in front of me." Later on, I told the congregation that I could confirm Sister Bennie's vision and related what had happened.

This in and of itself was a wonderful blessing, but the Lord took it to a whole new level the following day. I saw some pictures that had been taken during the service and noticed one from just about the time the ordination prayer for me was given. Brother Paul is in front of me, but Brother Juan is not immediately to his right. In fact, there was at least a person-wide gap between them.

Then, I saw the video that was taken of the service. The camera angle is almost straight on me. As you can see from the screenshot accompanying this article, there is clearly a gap between the two brothers as Brother Jerry places the oil on my head. But what I saw and felt, since you can sense when people are close to you, was an enclosed circle. There was no gap; someone was filling that space the entire time and not just after Brother Jerry started praying. What our Sister saw that morning was 100 percent true. There were others on that rostrum besides the ministry, Brother Jeremy, and me.

I praise God for His goodness and blessings. I hope that, by relating this, you feel blessed and assured that we serve a God of miracles. His gifts are present and will continue to be as long as we serve Him. Remember Brother Jeremy and me as we start our ministries, that we may touch many lives and bring many souls to Christ by the power of God and for His honor and glory.

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