50 Years of Sharing the Message

Written by Brother George A. Kovacic on Monday, June 17, 2019. Posted in Testimonies

50 Years of Sharing the Message

Today's Miracle Monday takes the form of a testimony. Brother George A. Kovacic shares his experiences serving as a missionary to Oklahoma.

It was a hot summer day, and I was a teenager, newly baptized, handing out leaflets with a very unusual message for most of the people I was giving them to. It was the summer of 1969, and I was in Anadarko, Oklahoma, with my grandfather, Evangelist Timothy Dominic Bucci.

We were going through the camp at the Indian Exposition sharing the message of the coming American Indian Moses. For me at the time, it was a sight to see — thousands of native people camped out for days on end.

Over 50 years later, we are still sharing the same message with people who might or might not have been camping out at that time, but we have progressed a little from the one-page leaflets. We now have the third printing of American Indian Moses, the NAOC flyer, the First Voices website and countless digital presentations. Plus, we have the determination and God’s divine will to see the Seed of Joseph come home.

What does that mean to us? It means that we prayerfully seek the Lord's direction about our interactions when we travel to Oklahoma and visit with the 39 tribes and individuals, many of whom we have developed close relationships with over the years.

One of the foremost questions we are asked is, "When will this Indian Moses be coming?" We respond that we are not sure when or from which tribe, but we know that he is coming, and we hope and pray that it will be soon.

We should all be praying like the father in Jesus’ parable that the descendants of Joseph, as prodigal sons, will soon have a great desire to return home to the house of the Lord — and we will all rejoice and have a great feast together.

Do You Have an Anniversary Coming Up?

For Brother George, the 50th anniversary of traveling to Oklahoma is a spiritual milestone and reminder. Do you have a similar spiritual anniversary that you mark each year? Our baptism dates are important anniversaries, as well as the anniversaries of miracles God has done for us. If today's article reminded you of something in your life that you'd like to share with other Gospel Blog readers, then please send it to us here.

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